1K A Day Fast Track Review 2021. How to make money by doing Less?

1k a day fast track review

1K A Day Fast Track review

1K A Day Fast Track Review: In this review post, I’m going to tell you all about the Merlin Holmes ‘1k A DAY FAST TRACK’ program in detail.

It is a course by Merlin Holmes and one of the most popular online courses which can help you earn loads of money. This is a list-building and monetization program based on email and affiliate marketing.

The good thing about the course is, you don’t have to sell products, convincing customers to buy products also excluded, no drop shipping, no warehouse required, you don’t even have to hire employees, it’s more like self-employment.

All you need is a computer system (a desktop or laptop) and an internet connection.

This is not rocket science; even a Hotdog selling guy can easily make up to $500 and which can grow as he keeps working on it.

It works by sending paid ads on your web page, specially made to capture email contacts, after which you can promote products that you don’t own, this is how you get your commission.

The process is simple to follow:

  1. Get website traffic from a certain ads platform/network.
  2. Capture email contacts of visitors in a particular niche.
  3. Promote your (or others) products to those email contacts.
  4. Make commissions on sales!

Is it too hard?

This program is a perfect guide for the people who want to earn money in the comfort of their home, without going to the office or anywhere on a daily basis just to work, those who haven’t decided yet about what work they want to do to make income, and for those who search for different modes to generate money by online work.

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Who can attend this course?

-This course is the best option for those who want to learn a simple method of earning online money and don’t want to risk their capital as well.

-An employee who spends more time driving to the office daily and spends a whole good day working for someone else.

-People who wish to have an additional online medium of income, but they’re confused.

-For homemakers who want to make money and can spare a little of their time.


About Merlin Holmes-


1k a day fast track review


Merlin Holmes is a digital marketer & entrepreneur that have been earning treasure from his online work for more than 14 years.

He has made more than 150 million dollars till now, in deals altogether on various platforms. He’s a Business specialist & consultant to different million and billion-dollar organizations and creates more than $14,000 each day by his online businesses.

There is not much more information available about him because he is a super down-to-earth person and doesn’t like to be in the highlight. This is the first time he’s personally teaching how he runs his online businesses to make money online. ‘1K A Day Fast Track’ is Merlin’s first online course on ClickBank.


Insights of ‘1K A Day Fast Track’ program

You’ll be introduced to 6 different modules of this program, 1 module per week.

This means, you get 6 days to learn and practice each module and you have to wait for 6 days to get your hands on another module because most of us could be overwhelmed if they get everything to learn at once, and also you could follow the steps bit by bit, in order.

1k a day fast track review

Some of you may find some videos very basic but you should keep learning, you always learn something new, so ensure watch all of the videos complete.

There you’ll find the following lessons per week:

  • Week 1 – 9 Lessons – Welcome to the Course.

These are the basic training lessons.

The modules contain basic training lessons where you learn the methods to earn even your course fees back quickly.

  • Week 2 – 9 Lessons – Account set up, Click funnels custom domains, etc.
  • Week 3 – Email setup with your Email Service Provider (ESP) and interaction of it with click funnels.


PROS & CONS of the 1K A DAY FAST TRACK course


  • A simple method that actually works, even for beginners.
  • Results are quick when you pay for ads that are much cheaper than Google or Facebook ads and work just as well.
  • Many people don’t know about the unique traffic source, however, to feature that, you can divide and divert into different niches, platforms, offers, and more.
  • No employees and office/warehouse needed, No special tech skills required, You can do it from anywhere, and the best part is that you don’t have to convince the clients to buy the product, they come to you.
  • There is also a FREE webinar for you where Merlin himself be teaching you the steps to follow and you can get the idea of the process without even investing a single penny.



  • The cost of the course is a bit pricey just to buy the information. Though there are similar courses available in the market and even expensive with poor quality of information.

So ensure to take action, follow all the steps, and keep patience, if you’re not willing to put the effort into making money then what’s the point to make the purchase?

  • For quick achievements, Merlin gives you pre-made poll pages that you’re recommended to import from templates, you’ll have to use ClickFunnels for that and it’s fairly expensive. You’ve to spend nearly $97 on this funnel-building software.
  • Alternatively, you can try to build your own poll pages and funnels on a different page builder if you know how to, that would cut out the cost

But good thing is that ClickFunnels offers a trial period of 14days, but the investment in the funnel builder is required to use this strategy.

  • The videos in the course are a bit too long and some experienced people may find initial videos TOO simple. But the quality of the content and information is way better than the other online courses.
  • The duration of the Free webinar by Merlin Homes is a bit long, and you should watch it without being distracted. It contains very useful information absolutely FREE.
  • No free EBook and program can’t be downloaded.

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  • Will I earn at least $500 a day?

The purchase of this course is worth it.

If you’re able to understand the process of making $500 a day, only then you’ll be able to earn $100 easily without going anywhere outside to work just by using your computer laptop.

But everything depends on the efforts you put and your dedication. How much dedicated you’re to learn and earning money.


  • Will I get my money back if I don’t find it useful?

If you find that this program is unable to satisfy your requirements, The author will give you back 100% refund if claimed within 30 days of the purchase.


  • What’s inside the program for me to learn?

You’ll learn how to make money by simply following some steps of Affiliate marketing by promoting products, through email(email marketing) to a targeted contact list of subscribers, with the help of secret traffic sources, much cheaper than Facebook and even Google ads.

You make money in 6 simple steps-

1: Observe what people are buying on the website.

2: Work out the process of selling that product.

3: Make a catchy Headline to work. Make it like a question.

4: Here, Merlin’s list-building poll template comes in handy to capture email addresses with ease, use that.

5: Offer the product they are interested in, immediately!

6: Earn Instant Commission.


  • What’s the cost of the 1K A Day Fast Track program?

$997 is the cost of the 1K A Day Fast Track program which you don’t have to pay again. No upgrades or renewals. Pay just once for the entire course.

But there are some additional expenses required, to run things smoothly.

You can also check out the free webinar to gain more information about the program and the methods, for which you don’t have to pay anything. Just register your email on the website and you’re good to go, absolutely FREE!


  • What are the 1K A DAY FAST TRACK program Bonuses?

Merlin gives a number of Bonuses that will help you in the process.

It also includes a 2nd login for the 1K A Day Fast Track program, Right! You actually get 2 copies and not just 1.

The lists of bonuses you are going to get in the course package are following-


BONUS 1- Landing Page Templates ($2497 value)

BONUS 2- Secret Thank-You Page Cash Generator Script ($497 value)

BONUS 3- Full Email Templates and Training ($797 value)

BONUS 4- Titan of Traffic Training System ($1997 value)

BONUS 5- Phone Consultation For First 5 ($1997 value)

BONUS 6- Ad Pack, $$ Bump & Partner Support ($4000 value)

BONUS 7-  2nd Login pass for Partner ($997 value)

BONUS 8-  You’ll receive a secret Package by Merlin…





Email is the most inexpensive way to promote a product with the best ROI (return on investment). The study says that almost 98% of people check their email inbox nearly every day.  Reaching the right audiences enables to make good sales, because of this that greater profit.

Merlin Holmes created this course from his more than 16 years of experience. This course is different and much better than all such types of online training broadly available.

So far as referred to on this 1k A Day Fast Track Review, in case if you attend this course and have a sense that it isn’t really well worth it or are now no longer capable of making profits as you wish, you can take your money back!

Merlin offers 30 days 100% money-back guarantee in case if you don’t find the program useful, and No questions asked.

I hope you find this article useful, if you want to attend the FREE webinar of $1K A DAY FAST TRACK, click here.

1k a day fast track review

You can give this course a try if you are serious about making good money. Go ahead and check out, it’s really good stuff!

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