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Best Seasonal Social Media Content Ideas for 2021!

social media content ideas

Social Media Content Ideas: How a season plays a big role in our posts?

Last night, Jess was thinking about Social Media Content Ideassocial media content ideas and open a random profile where she finds a messy timeline, stuffed with random photos and videos. She felt like she doesn’t want to scroll it anymore and jumped into one of the influencer’s profiles she follows on IG.

Where she finds a well-organized timeline.

Not only she starts tapping ‘like’ on posts but also she praised their creativity in the comments section.

This happens a lot when we don’t consider the current season and the trend to involve it in our posts. Our post looks out of trend or sometimes irrelevant.

On the other hand, seasonal content is important to remain relevant throughout a particular period of time and continue with trends that will either attract new followers or re-engage followers!

Let’s dig deeper into it.


What is the seasonal content in Seasonal social media content ideas?

social media content ideas

Seasonal content is content that’s associated with a particular season. You recognize we love our evergreen content on social media, however, seasonal content plays a vital role too! seasonal content could be a good way to remain relevant throughout a particular period of time and continue with trends that will either attract new followers or re-engage followers.


Seasonal content is additionally cyclic so you will be having the Social Media Content Ideas already for each season! You recognize it’s about to come back up each year or on a continual basis. Thus once it will, you’ll forever dirt off and brush up your existing seasonal content for the future year.

2 kinds of seasonal content:

Time-based (the seasons of the year) –

  • Think about summer fun posts or back to high school campaigns.
  • Time-based seasonal content is nice for B2B businesses! rely on the seasons in your trade.

Event-based (around actual holidays) –

  • Standard holidays you’re thinking that concerning like Christmas, Halloween, and Valentine’s Day. However, they’ll additionally embrace regional holidays like Woman’s Day.


You don’t celebrate every single vacation however you must notice those Social Media Content Ideas that are most relevant to you and your audience. For example, Labour Day won’t be a very important vacation for many except for industries, like manufacturing, it’s a very important vacation. Thus once turning out with social media post concepts, believe what vacation or season is very important to your audience.


Seasonal Content Timing:

Timing is important. You would like your seasonal social media content ideas to begin posting before the height of the season. Thus you would like to be creating your content from your social media content ideas simply before people begin searching for that content.

For example, if you recognize you want to write down blogs for the Diwali Sale then you should be making that content in Sept or early October so it’s already building authority once people begin searching for Diwali Sale content at the end of September and early October. Build this into your social media calendar!

social media content ideas

Also, since seasons are cyclic, you’ll keep your social media content ideas from the previous year and once the time comes, provides it with a fast update and republish it.

Note: You can utilize some social media tool, you’ll save all of your posts from the previous year in a very separate seasonal class thus you’ll quickly update them and add the class back to your social media posting schedule.


How to post according to season?

Who is your favourite influencer on IG? Check out their timeline and you will notice that they put a theme on their posts according to the season, watch their summer posts, winter’s, autumn’s, festivals, regional holidays, etc…


social medai content ideassocial media content ideas

social media content ideas

social media content ideas


Did you notice the content posting pattern they follow?

Yes and this makes their timeline more attractive and trendy.

For example, Some influencers post happy and vibrant colours within the summer, however in fall and winter, they choose to switch posting slightly darker and moodier photos. Also, their post’s theme depends upon the festival or holiday.


Combine seasonal Posts with Promotional Posts to complete Your Strategy

There are multiple blogs to get social media content ideas and they all mention that it’s necessary to layer all of those completely different seasonal social media post concepts along with your promotional posts and seasonal sales.

Holidays aren’t simply yet again to pay cash. It’s time to nourish your community and build trust. Ensure you’re making a balanced mixture of social media posts in your content calendar and arrange for each complete building, community building, and promotional posts.

Remember, there’s continually a vacation simply round the corner therefore ensure you’re planning in advance!



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