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How to track Website traffic with Google Analytics

How to track Website traffic with Google Analytics

Websites are the new marketplaces and almost all digital trades are taking place over them. Numerous young entrepreneur have already utilized these resources and made them the foundation for their business empires. So, is it this simple to be the next big thing? A lot of industry giants like Wix, Weebly, Google, WordPress and many more are giving you free platforms to create websites.

Hiring a web developer and to get a website designed is not a new concept anymore. So why is everyone not making it BIG! Why do some of us have websites but no soul in them. You might have invested a lot for your website but are getting no returns? If all these questions seem familiar to you, this series might be for you. We will take you through our step by step program which will enhance your understanding of the digital market and you will be able to track your website traffic. So lets start our program with setup of Google analytics and lets start tracking our web pages.

Introduction to Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free online platform where google offers you to monitor your website performance and it can help you better understand your customers. If you are looking to get your customers over internet, having a brief overview of google analytics will be a key milestone. It gives you access to a variety of data such as source of your visitors, average time spend on your website, demographics of your visitors and lot more. In this blog i will help you to setup a property ( Website ) with google analytics, and help you to study stats from analytics dashboard. So let’s not waste time any further and proceed with the setup.

We can track Website traffic with Google Analytics in 3 easy steps. Go to analytics.google.com, it will take you to the welcome screen for Google Analytics. Sign up for google analytics with any of your google accounts or you can create a new one.


Google Analytics Sign up
Google Analytics Sign up

Set up for a Google Analytics account

  1. Select the website option from the new account window.
  2. Give an Account name for your Analytics account. ( Account can have more than one websites)
  3. Type in the name of your website you will like to add.
  4. Select the correct version of your website http or https and put in your website Url
  5. Select your Industry or nature of business
  6. Choose your reporting time for the account
  7. Select the additional services you will like to receive from google, generally all services are recommended to be accepted.
  8. Click on Get tracking ID
  9. Read Google terms & conditions and accept them.
  10. Great so you have your tracking ID setup now.
Google analytics setup
Google analytics setup

Integrating Tracking ID with website

Global Site Tag ( gtag.js )

Global site tag is an important tracking code which is used to track the web analytics of any webpage. You can place the gtag in the head section of your webpage. Add the global site tag generated by your Analytics dashboard on your webpages.

Global site tag
Global site tag

GADWP ( for WordPress users )

If you use WordPress as your CMS things are going to be a little more easier to track Website traffic with Google Analytics.

  1. Login to your WordPress dashboard
  2. Click on Plugins > Add new
  3. Type GADWP or Google in search box
  4. Install GADWP by Exactmetrics
  5. Click on Activate
  6. Go to settings on plugin
  7. Select authorize plugin
  8. Click on Get access code
  9. Select your Google account on which you want to setup
  10. Allow access to the plugin
  11. Google access code will be generated, Copy it
  12. Paste the code on your WordPress window
  13. Click on save changes once it shows you the All website data
GADWP plugin
GADWP plugin

Testing Google Analytics account

If you were successfully able to follow the above steps, your analytics account must be properly setup and we can start testing it.

  1. Open analytics.google.com in a new tab
  2. Make sure you are logged in with the google account on which analytics is setup
  3. You will see Google Analytics home
  4. Click on Real-Time > Overview on the left sidebar
  5. Open your website on a new tab
  6. Go back to Analytics screen
  7. You can now see active visitor right now on your page
  8. If you see at least 1 visitor your setup is Complete
Analytics live visitors
Analytics live visitors

If you would have followed our post, I am pretty sure you would have setup your analytics account and you are ready to track Website traffic with Google Analytics. Google analytics is a very wide platform and gives you plenty of data to analyze your web performance. Follow our next blog or our digital marketing training program for a detailed introduction to Google Analytics and understand how you can analyze data through it. It will take at least 2-3 days for analytics to fetch some data. Subscribe to our channel and follow our post for the next tutorial.

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