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What is Google Analytics? How to Measure your performance through Google Analytics.

what is google analytics

What is Google Analytics is the methodological study of online patterns and trends. It is used to report analyse and collect your website data. This tactics is used for to analyse your patterns of behavior and make the right strategy to drive the more traffic and increase the rate of conversion rate of the website, it helps to measure the source of the traffic and understand the demographic, psychographic,geographic data.

How to connect Google analytics to your website step by step process:

What is Google Analytics and is the best way to connect Google Analytics to your website to acquire the data, There are two methods to connect your website.

  1. Connect through website  = If you want to connect Google analytics to your website you have setup a account in GA and then code give by the google analytics put that code go to the wordpress appearance into theme editor insert that code into head of the source code. 
  2. Connect through Google Tag Manager = The Best and the safe way to connect Google analytics to your website it make your website safe and more healthy to work, google tag manager give a code that you put into your website make sure that code is inserted into header.php of the website in the head section.

Important Matrics

What is Google analytics shows 200 important matrics to measure your website that how the website performance and the user behaviour so that they can target their customer more effectively, the Google analytics is most important tool to calculate the return on investment and the understand the user interacting with your website. 

  1. Acquisition = The acquisition shows the how much traffic a website acquire from diff sources the best matrics to identify the sources of the traffic of the website in this their are two subcategory in the acquisition are: user acquisition, traffic acquisition that show deep information about traffic sources.
  2. Engagement =  This matric shows that how much time the user visit in your website their event, conversion, page screens show the matric about you page performance and the time the vist your site. 
  3. Monetization = Monetization show the how much how much purchase the customer have basically its define the return on investment of the business. Mostly ecommerce website use matrices the measure their sales and the return of the product.
  4. Retention = This matrics shows the how much user are new or returning of user to your website it is the best matrics to calculate the exact number to new user of returning user. 
  5. Demographic = This matric shows the all demographic aspect of the user like age, interest, city, gender, language this matrics help you to understand that every aspect of the user.

Advantages and drawbacks

What is Google Analytics it has specific advantages and disadvantages? Cons typically relate to the platform’s strength, accessibility, and lack of cost. The following advantages are also offered by Google Analytics:

The service is free, simple to use, and suitable for beginners.

  • There are several metrics and adjustable dimensions available in Google Analytics. Using this platform, a variety of important insights can be gathered.
  • Numerous additional functions are also included in Google Analytics, including data visualization, monitoring, reporting, predictive analysis, etc.
what is google analytics

The following are some historical issues with Google Analytics that may have an impact on the data's accuracy:


  • Users that disable Google Analytics cookies, specific browser add-ons, ad blocking software, and privacy networks may jeopardise the accuracy of all data.
  • To lessen server burden, reports are generated by sampling 500,000 randomly selected sessions. Additionally, these statistics only provide margins of error for the number of visits. Small data segments may therefore have extremely high margins of error.

User behaviour data versus data on user acquisition

Businesses can get a variety of data types from Google Analytics for marketing purposes.

  1. Data on user acquisition reveals how visitors are finding the website. Customers may arrive through a variety of sources, including sponsored or organic search results, links from social media, and direct URL entry. In order to increase website traffic, it is essential to comprehend user acquisition data.
  2.  Data on user activity reveals what users are doing and how they are interacting with the website. This includes how many pages they visit overall, how long they spend on each page, and whether or not they interact with videos and graphics. Using this information, web layouts that better engage users can be created.


This blog tech you that how to connect analytics into website ans show in step by step how to measure the website traffic their sources and time spend on the website and how much they generating the revenue and helps you to understand the behaviour of the user or advantage and drawbacks of the what is Google Analytics.

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